Industrial exhibitions

EW2018 will feature an industrial exhibition where relevant companies in the Catania area, working in the field of wireless communications and networks, will provide a flavour of their ongoing projects and research.

Title: S6: a Smart, Social and SDN-based Surveillance System for Smart-cities with 5G technologies

Presenters: T. Agosta(**), D. Bonanno(*), C. Grasso(*), M. Indelicato(**), D. Marcantonio(**), S. Micalizzi(*), E. Ragusa(**), C. Rametta(*), G. Schembra(*)
(*) DIEEI – University of Catania (**) XENIA Progetti, Catania
Abstract: The S6 platform, thanks to an underlying 5G network based on an SDN/NFV infrastructure, allows users to share their own video-surveillance cameras with other customers in a “social” way. Compared with the plethora of today video surveillance systems, which send video streams to a centralized control station, S6 is a distributed video surveillance system, where the users can decide dynamically the video-cameras they are interested to. The underlying SDN infrastructure allows building automatically the video distribution multicast tree connecting sources and receivers, allowing multipoint-to-multipoint communications, where each camera can be selected by different users and each user can watch video flows coming from many cameras. Thanks to the application of the NFV paradigm, flows can be manipulated by virtualized network and application functions running on the network data centers (e.g. flow encryption, mosaic video composition, motion detection detection, etc.) to add optional services.

Title: BlueNRG-MESH
Presenters: C. Brigante (*), F. Colaianni (*)
(*) STMicroelectronics, Catania
Abstract: BlueNRG-MESH is the ST implementation of the Bluetooth Mesh networking technology; The Bluetooth Mesh has been officially released by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in July 2017 targeting mainly Building Automation with lighting and industrial Wireless Sensor Networks. STMicroelectronics has been working closely with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group contributing to the definition of the mesh specifications. The Bluetooth mesh technology implements a mechanism that extends the range of the standard BLE network, each node can relay the message from other nodes. In this demo the network is made up four nodes, each node is a cube RGB light; it’s possible control the blue light in the network using table or double tap in each node.

Title: Sigfox /BLE Smart Parking
Presenters: C. Brigante (*), F. Colaianni (*)
(*) STMicroelectronics, Catania
Abstract: Sigfox/BLE Smart Parking System allows to monitor the car park status remotely. The Parking system is based on magnetometer and proximity sensors to detect the car presence. This system uses two types of connectivity technologies: i) Bluetooth low energy connectivity for local communication, to exchange information with car drivers close to the park, either for payment or authentication; ii) Sigfox Communication LPWAN technologies, which give the possibility to have long distance communication with low power budget, communicating directly with the remote server, without any dedicated gateway, to be synchronized on parking status update.

Title: LoRa Sensor Node
Presenters: C. Brigante (*), F. Colaianni (*)
(*) STMicroelectronics, Catania
Abstract: LoRaWAN solutions allow getting access to data reported by IoT devices without deploying a dense and costly network infrastructure.
The STM32L0 low-power MCU and Semtec transceiver, both embedded in a Murata Module, collect data from the sensors and send them to a LoRaWAN network server. The demo displays sensors data on an application server dashboard.

Presenters: C. Brigante (*), F. Colaianni (*)
(*) STMicroelectronics, Catania
Abstract: LTE CAT-M/NBIoT CLOE is a IoT tracker reference design born from the partnership between ST and Sequans. The Teseo III GNSS chip acts also as application processor. Monarch chipset ensures LTE CAT-M/NBIoT connectivity and optimized power management design allows longer battery duration. The development board adds BLE and WiFi connectivity.

Title: Hardware and Software in the Loop architecture for the development of the AvIoT “Smart Navigation System”.
Presenters: L. Cantelli(**), D. Melita (**), D. Messina (**), Manuela Fede (*), Giuseppe Tropea (*)
(*) NetSense srl, Catania (**) Etnamatica srl
Abstract: The proposed exhibition presents the ongoing activities in the framework of the AvIoT project and includes the contribution of some SMEs working in the Catania area. The Smart Navigation System to be developed during the AvIoT project will represent a new generation of autopilots, that will introduce innovative functions in terms of safety and reliability.
A Hardware and Software in the Loop architecture, based on the adoption of Gazebo simulator, has been used in the development phase of the Smart Navigation System. A “Hardware in Loop” (HIL) represents a powerful and cheap method to test and tune control systems. An HIL simulator cannot fully replace field experiments, but it is very useful, especially in the preliminary phases, to discover and solve various kinds of problems.